K'nex V8 Engine




V8 engine model that can run when connected to a drill, spun by hand or a k'nex motor

Step 1: Make Ten of These

Step 2:

Connect two red rods to one part and three red rods to the other part

Connect orange connector pieces to both parts as shown

Step 3:

Slide Grey Pieces And Blue Rods Onto each
Red rod

Step 4:

Connect them Together

Step 5: Crank Shaft

Put each one together in this order.

Also alternate North, East, South, West.

Step 6: Connect the Crankshaft

Connect the crankshaft to the engine
( see step eight )

Step 7: Head

Step 8:

Attach the head to the rest of the engine

Step 9: Piston Chamber

Make two of these

Step 10: Finished Piston Chamber

You should have two of these

Step 11: Pistons

Make eight of these

Step 12: Slide Pistons Onto Both Piston Chambers

Slide Pistons onto both chambers

Step 13: Connect the Piston Chambers

Connect both piston chambers to the rest of the engine

Step 14: Connect the Arms

Connect the long arms to the head and the piston arms the crankshaft
(Step 13 or 15)

Step 15: Finished Product

Step 16: You Can Also Connect a Gear Shifter to the Back of the Engine

(Other instructable)



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    How do you make the gearbox?


    4 years ago

    Sweet! Works great!!