Knex V8 Engine Version 2 Part 1




Introduction: Knex V8 Engine Version 2 Part 1

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My Knex V8 engine (Not close to being finish, considering its destroyed now) Here is the video again! Comments and rating is always welcomed.

I might get working on it more? I have been really busy...




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    Someone should make one of these that runs on some type of fuel. As long as it doesnt melt. If someone knows one of these, please let me know.

    I cannot find this unedited video :(
    If I get around to making this again Ill make sure not to include music.

    Lol I hate when such companies block videos because we use their music. Even though it practically makes it more popular. If I find the video I took without the editing, I'll be sure to upload.

    Impressive work! A full step by step if you ever make this again would be awesome!