Knex Vertical Micro Chain Lift - Ping Pong Balls


Part List :

red connector - 2

Yellow connector -69

grey 3D connector - 55

blue 3D connector - 19

micro chain - 145

white connector - 12

green connector - 6

orange connector - 43

2way grey - 16

micro purple per unit - 2

micro grey 4way per unit - 1

micro yellow rods per unit - 2

blue rods - 44

red rods - 48

green flexi rods - 4

grey rods - 19

green rods - 86

white rods - 4

yellow rods - 44

Y clips - 17

Tangelas (knex clip with angled 3D orange) - 2

blue tips - 2

units - 3

grey spacers - 25

blue spacers - 5

locks - 2

Step 1: Rail

There are twenty-nine units in this, one of them has a red rod instead of a blue one.

This is the track on which the ball will travel.

Step 2: Lower Body Assembly 1

This is the bottom of the lift. Make sure you are right in the spacing of the wheels.

Step 3: Lower Body Assembly 2

This is a small step. this is for the ball to glide till the lift. Make sure you bend the green flexi as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Middle Body Assembly 1

This will take some elbow grease :D

Step 5: Body Fixation 1

Fix the lower body to middle body.

Step 6: Upper Body Assembly

Assemble this and attach to the main body.

Step 7: Safety Rail

This is to avoid the ball to go off the track.

Step 8: Fixation 2

We will fix the Rail to the main body and a minor thing.

Step 9: Lets Make the Micro Chain

Make this micro chain and fix this in the main body.

NOTE : Be sure how you put the chain (in which manner and direction) use help of the last picture of this step.

Step 10: DONE !

So we are done with the assembly ! Now time to use this in your projects:D

(Sending Some more pics for help)



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    3 years ago

    Next, we are trying for a ball machine.based on this lift.