Knex Vorganjund Rifle V2





Introduction: Knex Vorganjund Rifle V2

The new and improved version. Way better than the V1, it can fire up to 50 feet and you could still put more power on it. I will be posting this but I don't know how long it's going to take with school and all. I hope you guys will enjoy this. Remember to comment, rate, and subscribe. :)



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    Looks super awesome! I like how you incorporated the grip into the front barrel part. (I always end up with placing it under it, which is fugly :l ) The sight are great, as is the stock.

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    Nice job =D lol I think almost everyone has the school problem,I don't even have time to post my mp5k V3

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    Smaller, lighter, and it can fire a wider variety of ammo due to it not having anything in front of the turret.