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Yo! This is my knex Wall-E Home thing that a bunch of my peeps out there wanted to post. So here it is! You can use this to hold your stuff / junk (!) or you can use it if you are a wall-e fanatic.

Step 1: Section 1

We will be doing this in sections, alright this is #1.

Pic 1: Section 1, you will be making this... duh
Pic 2: Make the first top support
Pic 3: Make it again
Pic 4-5: Make top
Pic 6-8: Make the middle. On pic 8 notice the green rods
Pic 9-11: Make bottom. Pic 11, this is how it looks flipped out
Pic 12-13: Make middle bottom part
Pic 14: Start building! get the bottom ready!
Pic 15: Add middle bottom part to bottom
Pic 16: Add middle
Pic 17: Add top
Pic 18: Uh-Oh, flip it upside down
Pic 19: Flip the right way and add one of the top supports
Pic 20 (not there): Add the other top support


Step 2: Section 2

Make sexshun 2. I mean section 2...

Pic 1: what you will make (notice the light change from section 1!)
Pic 2: Make top support
Pic 3: make it again
Pic 4- 6 Make top. Pic 6: How it looks bisected
Pic 7-9: Make middle. Pic 9, How it looks in half
Pic 10-11: Make bottom right
Pic 12-13: Make bottom left
Pic 14-16: make bottom middle
Pic 17-19: Make motor holder. Pic !7, Notice piece of fuzz. Pic 19, Notice blue spacer
Pic 20: Start Building! Add motor holder to bottom middle. Remember the fuzz? go throw it out
Pic 21-23: Add bottom left. Pic 21: Loop wire around the snowflakes on wire holder, with just enough wire left to reach the top of the switch. Pic 23: Notice how the switch clips in.
Pic 24-25: Add Bottom right
Pic 26-27: add middle
Pic 28-29: Add top.
Pic 30: Add top support


Step 3: Section 3

This is the hardest section... I hope you took math class... Don't get confused...

Step 4: Section 4

The wheel, you are also putting it together in this step

Pic 1: get these, could be orange connectors
Pic 2: add them onto section 1 & 2
Pic 3: make these
Pic 4: add section 3 to these
Pic 5: Get the spacers
Pic 6: Put spacers on
Pic 7: Make 16 of these
Pic 8: Put them on that thing you made a few minutes ago
Pic 9: Get these bad boys
Pic 10: Put this on
Pic 11: Look where they go
Pic 12: Sorry, get those spacers and put them on, there is one grey and one blue
Pic 13-14: Make this
Pic 15-17: Make this too
Pic 18: Get this out
Pic 19: attach them
Pic 20: Make 8 of them (awww man!)
Pic 21: Get everything ready
Pic 22: Start putting them on
Pic 23: They're all on now! Yay!
Pic 24: This is the switch, and my hand, Duh!

You're done! BE HAPPY :)



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