Knex Walther PPK Model V.2

Here is the V2 of my PPK Knex model. It shoots pretty good, and it is WAY easier to pull the trigger. It just looks better, and it is easier to pull the trigger. And the back where the handle meets the barrel, I made that different too. I added sights, and they might be the best sights I've made so far. So there's not much else that I changed. And it may look like its a removable mag but it's not and the orange part is just for looks.



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They should be posted by the end of today,yay! I already took the pics to it so I could build it again.

Lucas The Boss

2 years ago

Its not bad. I would try and step away from the pistols and try anb build your own smg. I have found from experience that pistol are all the same gun with a few differences. You will learn alot more about knex by building something in more of a rifle platform. Dont go to big though, you want to have plenti of pieces for detail. Detail is what can make or break a gun.

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TheKnexChickenLucas The Boss

Reply 2 years ago

I have made one SMG with a removable magazine, so I will make more like that. I was just aiming for a working replica of the PPK, and I did. All this was, was just a replica of the gun. I'll try to make more SMGs soon.

oh yeah, and I tried to make my own gun and I failed on it. but it did have removable mag in it and it looks had a slide back pin that covered the top of it. ☺