Knex Walther PPX

Introduction: Knex Walther PPX

Hello builders! It's Knexmaster9 here with a new Instructable! This is my Walther PPX based off of The red book of westmarch's Walther P99, here are the pros and cons. . .

•shoots ~3-6 metres (~10-20 feet)
•good mag capacity for a Knex pistol: 8-9 blue connectors
•good power

•occasionally jams
•has to be loaded a certain way or it jams
•to achieve the shooting distance above 3 metres you must have several 64 bands
•the bottom of the magazine is weak and may fall apart

If I achieve 15+ likes/faves I will post instructions!

•The red book of westmarch

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    3 years ago

    I achieved 19+ likes on my moms Facebook page so I will post instructions for my PPX