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Introduction: Knex War Bomb

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This is my Knex war bomb/explosive/grenade. As the name suggests, this is made For knex wars. It does not blow up in your face while you are making it, explodes violently and sends a lot of knex flying in many directions. Be sure to check out the video below to see it in action. I also added a video of me shooting it with a gun. Enjoy!

Step 1: Collect Pieces

The piece count for one bomb is:
8 Rubber bands. I used ones that were slightly smaller and thinner than #64 elastics, the standard thick ones.

Step 2: Build the Bomb

1: Make these,
2: Put them together like so.
3: Reapeat steps 1 and 2 to get this,
4: Put one on the whites like so,
5: and put the rest on like so.

Watch the video to look at my fast-paced way of putting together the grenades.

Step 3: Chuck It!

Your done! Thanks for seeing my instructable. And if you made it this far, you probably made the grenade too. So Thanks, and dont blow up your freinds too much.




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350 Discussions

great bomb, I have enough knex, but i am using them for other projects

6 replies

You can generally find rubberbands at your friendly office store or sometimes even the office section of a grocery store! (So THAT'S why they exist... hmm... XD)

It was great, but it hurt when i sat on it. Then i took an arrow to the knee

yeah... my sister knocked it off our coffee table where I set it and it went off then she screamed at me. ;)

Note to all builders of this epic device: do NOT put a rod down the center, secure it, then fire it from a gun using a rod to propel the ammo. The force makes it explode in the barrel.

Personal Experience.

2 replies

Yeah. Had a little modded rifle (converted to pistol) that I secured about ten to fifteen bands of varying shape/sizes to. After a few hours, and a few broken grey rods later, I got it to work with all the bands attached. Of course, I wasn't thinking that all the pieces of this 'nade are in delicate balance, so I shoved the rod in the barrel and pulled the trigger.

Not a pleasant experience, and I'll just leave it at that.

i added a wire to it, and made a trip mine. I used it in a war that me and a friend had: i had a ton of traps, including the sipriani rifle v.3
:D i think he still remembers.

1 reply

i cant even build this thing without it going off before i finish building.

1 reply

They were larger that 32's but smaller than 64's... They were non-standard if I remember correctly.