Knex War Pistol (Build)

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This is my knex war pistol. I have made it better from a request from Dr. R. I made the handle more comfortable and moved the trigger back for more finger room.

If you want more information on the gun, look at my original post.
Anyway lets get to building, it's not a very complicated build.
This is my first posted build so the instructions might be put together easier in a different order but i did my best ad far as explanation goes

Step 1: Body

This is the hardest part but not that bad. Your halfway done don't give up now

Step 2: Handle

This is a sorta hard part, but fairly simple. Your almost there!

Step 3: 5th Layer

Easy step, the gun is completed

Step 4: Ram Rod and Internal Pusher

Easy step just follow instructions

Step 5: Rubber Bands and Loading

Congratulations you now have a awesome 20 round war pistol. Pat yourself on the back and say good job me.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    in step 1 second last picture how is the blue rod with the red connector on it attached to the main body

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