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This is my new war pistol, enough talk here is some pros and cons
20 round mag
60 foot range
Slide trigger
5 layers
Shoots blue rods
Internal mag pusher
I have shot it over 200 times and not one has it jammed
Some times the trigger gets stuck but takes about a second to fix

I hope you like it, tell me what you think, and remember to subscribe.
I will post instructions if enough people like this.



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    It's actually not, believe it or not the way my hand is my hand does not touch but one rod and it dosent bother me. It might bother other people but if I post instructions ( I am more than Likely too ) I will post a better handle

    Lucas The Boss

    5 years ago

    Go check out my instructions to this gun, posted sooner than expected

    Lucas The Boss

    5 years ago

    I'm going to try and post instructions sometime over Christmas break so it will be a while but I will get it done. Thanks to all of you who favorited and commented.


    The sliding trigger is pretty cool.
    However, the handle looks a bit big (different for everyone though), the space between the trigger and trigger guard's a bit small, and it looks like it bends a bit.
    Still, pretty good job

    2 replies

    The handle is really the only part of the gun that is sort of flexible, but I aggre with you on the trigger guard, it is a bit tight

    Okay. It looked like it bends a bit in the first photo.
    The trigger can probably be fixed rather easily, but it's already cool you have one.

    Lucas The Boss

    5 years ago

    Omg I can't believe I have 82 views and 4 favorites in under 24 hours