Knex War Weapon: Cyanide+ Internal Picture




About: I used to build with K'nex. Now I am in the process of joining the United States Army as an 11x.

Behold: What started as a simple magazine rifle is now a compact terror creating war weapon. Yep, I said that Famine would be the last of this platform, but I lied, ok?

This gun makes my other guns look like dollar tree "Nerf' guns. Able to beat them in quality and range, the men at our church were fascinated by the simple charm it has. At only 17 inches long, it can still blast fin ammo over 200 feet with an angled shot and 3 #117 bands. Oodammo fires 80 feet and yellow rods 75.

The weapon is also very reliable. It has nice sights that are built for simplicity and accuracy rather then looks. Sight radius is not to good however.

A war weapon from the start and not made for looks, I still find it to look good enough for me. True, it does not do anything a TR8 could not do, except that it is easier to build and more compact. Also, it is the most power I have gotten out of a gun without a tube and stick type barrel. just a warning,it does use three cut rods.

In all, I am very pleased with the gun and see it as a fitting close to this great series of guns.

Please comment and favorite. All pictures of my dog are current.



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Dang! can you post any instructions? Love the gun and the dog! so cute! Is it a shepherd breed? (i think that's how shepherd is spelled...)

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Well, it is based on a few guns that did have full instructions, so all I did was shorten the barrel and add the bullet lock, so using the full internals from

and the handle and stock instructions from

it can be built. Not very efficient, but when I posted it my series of rifles was getting boring to people, so I didn't really bother.


4 years ago on Introduction

I'd agree with the simple charm. You took it to church?

Anyway I'm assuming this a single shot with a ammo lock. I'm not a huge fan of single shots but they're ranges don't lie. Good job!

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Reply 4 years ago

Yep. Our church meets in our home, so "taking it to church" involves picking it up and walking ten steps into the living room.
I kinda agree about single shots, but they are alot of fun. Just the other day I shot HUNDREDS of rounds through of my single shots. Right now I am working on a single shot to compete with the NAR as a war ready single shot. My main problem with it was that the ball joint energy transfer kept breaking, and it didn't shoot as far as I hoped it would. (Energy transfer would break with more then three rubber bands, so of course it didn't shot far.)

I already have it built, and I am holding a baby version of it now, same gun, but with a different handle and a tan rod firing pin. It is 11 inches long, so really compact. I am tempted to slap a tr8 turret on it and try to put a KK style slide on it.

I have not built the swagboss, KI was before my time. The full size shoots oodammo 90 feet with 6 worn out bands, and the mini shoots yellow rods about 65 feet with 5 bands.


4 years ago on Introduction

Cool. Try to use a different trigger mechanism in some of your guns because you keep recycling the same middle parts.

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Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks, I am all to aware how old this is getting, I am probably going to built a shotgun next.