K'nex Weaponry




Introduction: K'nex Weaponry

This slide show contains photos of the random K'nex weaponry I've made over time. It's an ever-changing list and this there will be constant additions. I take pride in the fact that all of my weapons are semi-functional; that is to say that if you hit something with it or drop it, it won't break. You can swing it around, play with it... it's staying together (I tend to test them on my good friends). Sit back, relax, and let the mayhem begin.



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    Go for it. I'd love to see that it's actually makable. ;;
    Please give me credit for the original, thank you much.

    Before I post, I have ran it on your "test" and it passed, but, I have wraped the handle in duck tape to make it stronger, so, hope to see the instucabal soon