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Hi guys, here is my entry to the Knex Weekly Challenge! It's a shotgun-pistol combination which actually works, what kind off surprises me because I horribly failed at my previous shotgun-pistol project . But, that's absolutely not the most important thing, it's all about this new K'nex creation.

It features a high capacity +/-10 round mag, spreading ammo(!), 4 spreading projectiles for one single piece of ammunition, and also a fairly nice range for a shotgun-styled pin-type pistol. When I shot it to test the range it was with one rubberband. You could put more on if you want to increase range and power. By the way, this gun uses 2 necessary broken pieces, they're the broken nub in the trigger and the broken nub in the ram-locking part. All the other broken pieces you'll see in the pictures are all for cosmetic reasons or are just mistakes, sorry for that.

This gun is more of a 'fun gun' than a 'war gun', so you can easily build 2 or more (if you have the pieces) and do a little 'mini war' in your own house with a friend or so, I did it a few times it's great fun. Remember to take responsibility for what you will be doing with my gun(s), and I'm not responsible in any way if something happens to you or animals/friends etc.

I will not deny that this is not the most innovative thing ever build, but it still has spreading ammo and other nice little things that make it into a very fun gun. Let's go to the pros and cons, shall we?


- 30-35 feet range
- 4 pieces of spreading ammo!
- high reliability
- sights
- high capacity 12 round magazine
- pin type
- can easily be modded to be made into a large shotgun and it can easily be modded overall actually
- can be kind off 'field stripped', it's pretty fun.


- not the most innovative thing ever build
- uses 2 broken pieces

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