K'nex Whiteboard Stand

Introduction: K'nex Whiteboard Stand

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The whiteboard stand is made of hundreds of parts.

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Step 1: Parts List

Here are the parts:

PARTS COUNT: Rods: - White 1 5/6 in: 4 - Blue 2 1/4 in: 12 - Yellow 3 7/16 in: 72 - Red 5 1/8 in: 67 - Light Grey 7 1/2 in: 46 - Black 7 1/2 in: 1 Total Standard Rods: 202 Connectors: - Red Connector: 6 - Yellow Connector: 19 - Blue Connector: 37 - Dark Gray Connector: 54 - White Connector:1 - Orange (or Brown) Connector: 14 Total Standard Connectors: 131 Miscellaneous: - Whiteboard (the board dudes size, not included in set) - Markers (dry erase, not included) - Booklamp or electrical lamp (not included) FINAL TOTAL PARTS: 333 pieces

CAUTION! I advise you not to use micro parts for this project. The reason is that when the whiteboard placed on a micro parts, it puts too much pressure and the structure would break. So do not use micro parts.

Step 2: Build the Lower Section of Left Tower

Build the left part of the tower using the images below. Once completed to parts to the lower left, stack the second part on top of the lower left base.

Step 3: Rest of Left Tower

Build the second half of the left tower, then attach to the rest of the left tower.

Step 4: Building the Right Tower Part 1


Build the right tower base of the tower.

Step 5: Finishing the Right Tower

finish the tower using the images above.

Step 6: Attaching Two Towers

Attach the connectors sticking out on the sides of the left to the appropriate areas on the right of the towers.

Step 7: Marker Rack BASE

Create the pouch by using the "Ball Machine" method to create the base.

Step 8: Attaching the Rack to the Back of the Base

Attach the rack to the back of the base as required.

Step 9: Insertion of the Whiteboard

Attach the Board Dudes whiteboard onto the stand.


Step 10: Smaller Markers Rack

If you have any NEON markers at your house, use them.

Make a smaller rack to attach to the base as of making it with four yellow connectors, two blue rods, and two yellow rods. Insert two NEON markers.

Step 11: Attaching the Smaller Rack to the Base

Find the yellow rods sticking out above the base parallel to the track, and connect the small rack to the base as shown.

Step 12: You've Finished It!

This is it! You have used at least 333 parts of KNEX to build this!

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    If you can find the parts in photos above, then if you can make the actual instructions and release on knex.com in 2017, that would be great,