Knex Wii Wheel




Hello cool knex13 here I will show you how to make a knex Wii wheel for Mario cart. Don't you just hate it when you get no Wii wheel or  you get the bad Wii wheel. Well now you get a good one! 

Plus the Wii remote dose not slip out.

Enjoy and do not forget to rate.

Also sorry about the light level my Ipod is not good in the dark.


Step 1: The Body.

Now first thing we do is make the body.

Step 2: The Holder.

Now we make the holder.

Step 3: The Holder and the Body.

almost there

Step 4: How to Put the Remote In

Last step



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    didn't want to waste money on a steering wheel, so this is perfect!
    i have a big pile of k'nex in my basement, so i'm glad that didn't go to waste.

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