Knex Wineglass Holder



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Okay, I know its a lot of work for one glass, but I was using all my grey rods on other (secret) projects, so really just replace the red/metallic green rods with greys, and you could hold three glasses in one.
The reason behind this project is because I wanted to make something useful, and not a bomb or gun, out of knex. this sortof shows what knex is all about, not making guns, but being creative.



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    Great job, will prove useful in every home, everybody with Knex will be copying. A whole new generation of projects

    I was not going to mention guns and bombs, but since you did yourself, I can, you are NOW creating, no longer are you following the bomb and gun makers, you are leading people where no man has gone before. :-)

    Next, a Knex food processor for the home?


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    lolz, thanks. I'm trying to find usefull things at my house and try and make knex replications of them. if you have any ideas then you could just tell me and I'll give it a shot. I bought 3.5kgs of knex off ebay so this time I'll have plenty of pieces aswell.

    PS I'm travelling all over New South Wales, so I can't guarantee a quick reply, but will be back friday next week.

    that would be very tricky. if you have a normal screen with a knex body. okay I'll give it a shot when I get back, and it will be complete with buttons


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     like you say lolz, aswell as cool! and OK. thats all you say (basically)

     she actually took it really well, after I sweeped all the glass out, and then their was still one glass in the holder, which was made so it woudnt fall over, and so then I picked it up, broke a bit off, then put it down, and it fell off the desk. she wasn't AS calm as she was before though...