Knex Your Eternal Reward - New TF2 Spy Knife

Introduction: Knex Your Eternal Reward - New TF2 Spy Knife

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For all those people who play TF2 or do not, here is the new Spy Knife from the recent patch! Well in TF2, when you backstab an enemy you instantly disguise as them. (0.5 second disguise) You cannot disguise normally therefore, you must rely on cloak to get a backstab. Anyway, here are the instructions. Enjoy! :DDDD
Again, sorry for the bluriness. 

10 yellow connectors
1 green connector
3 red connectors
3 light grey connector (2slots)
6 snowflake (white) connectors

18 green rods
14 white rods

4 blue spacers

Step 1: The Blade

Step 2: Handle and Finger Guard

The Finger Guard also lets you spin the knife on your index (pointing) finger and the Handles are just the snowflake connectors attached to the side.

Picture 1:
Make 2 of these

Picture 2:
Make this

Picture 3 and 4:
Make this, picture 4 is from another perspective 

Step 3: Putting It Together :D

Not too hard.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    A definite liking! When someone like me who likes TF2 takes their time to look up some TF2 design and I come across this amazing, easy, and Complete project that I was willing to take 5 minutes to read and look at your pictures that I realized were not leading to anything! First off, you build a freakin handle out of LEGOS. IMPRESSIVE! MERE IMPRESSED! This is going to win some contest. Gr8 m8.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice basic design. cogratz. you built a basic 1 layer frame of what could have been a decent knife and then decided to post it

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This looks almost exactly like another knife I have seen elsewhere on the site.