Knex Zaktangle: ZKAR V3

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         Hey everybody, I haven't posted anything recently due to my recent move. But, now that I'm settled in my new home, I should be able to start posting stuff again. Anyways, this is the Zaktangle. Mepain took Zak's ZKAR V2 and customized it to have a removable mag. The majority of the credit goes to Mepain and Zak. I have made some modifications to this though, including things such as the bolt and trigger mechanism. The bolt (Thanks to the majority of it's design by The Red Book of Westmarch) I customized it so it was locked down onto the firing pin guide and allowed more band usage. And the new trigger mechanism can allow a lot more force to be used on the firing pin band wise. No tape is required for the trigger to be reinforced. It's a much more compact and strong mechanism to hold more power that lets the trigger to be easily pulled. This gun has hardly been seen due to it's lack of photos. Mepain made a video on this particular gun on YouTube. That was about all the public could see. But a year ago I found a source that had internal pictures of the gun. So since then I was able to construct the gun from those photos. Unfortunately, thanks to Mepain, those photos were deleted since Mepain found out about some people viewing them. So I now release this gun with a lot of modifications to it to the public so everyone can get a good glimpse at it. Now stats:

45ft-52ft (measured)
Good looking (In My Opinion)
Removable mag
Strong trigger mechanism
A lot of bands can be used
Structurally strong
High ROF

There are none!





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    5 years ago on Introduction

    It was nice but there wasn't enough room for my finger in the trigger area; the thing that keeps the mags in place by the trigger cuts off a lot of room my finger would've used :/

    1 reply

    Yeah, that happened with me as well, but you have to understand that this thing wasn't even made by me. It was all thanks to Mepain and Zak.

    I'm still thinking about building it, got the idea in my head and everything! I just need to get around to it, hopefully sometime this month I can finish it.

    Raz1r Knex Bull3t

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I do build my own stuff, and I gave you and Mepain credit. I think you're a bit sad for even coming here and posting something like that. I look to you as a great knexer. And just so you know I am in the middle of trying to come up with an innovative idea so I can build some more of my own stuff. Go ahead, look at the ibles on my page, you will find more things I have built myself as compared to others creations I like to spread around built by other people.

    I am really sorry... I didn't think I came across as harsh, I really didn't mean to, I only want to let everyone know I still have some of the pics. I can't upload them for some reason, the image uploader doesn't work for me.

    What? When did I say you were harsh? I must have sent that message about building my own stuff to you instead of Zak. Lol. Zak was being a jerk so I meant to send that message to him. Sorry. : P