Knex Assasins Creed Hidden Blade 3 in 1 (this Is My First Instructable!)

its retractable but you have to push it. Triples as a gun and knife.

remember this is a very simple design

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Step 1: The Blade

Just a black long connector.

Step 2: The Handle

Just look at the picture.

Step 3: The Place Where the Blade Goes.

i couldnt think of another name for it. again just look at the photo.
It has the handle already attatched.

Step 4: Insert Blade

this is where you put the blade on.

Step 5: Put the Rubber Band On

Step 6: How to Use It.

to use pull the blade back and push the gray connector in the way.
to put the blade out pull the gray peice up.

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    8 years ago on Step 6

    I made mine like ezio's. It has the blade in the middle and gun on top.

    DJ Radio

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Seems like a bad excuse for a block trigger titled "assassins creed hidden blade" to cover up that fact.

    1 reply