K'nex Assault Rifle

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph. I'm not super active anymore, on here.
Hi guys. Made this gun today, nothing too new about it though. (for me it is, as it's my first successful shooting gun with removable mags). I still need to fix the upper fake barrel, as it blocks some shots I think. It has an IMO pretty interesting trigger (which is The Racker's trigger block, with a by me added sliding trigger).

* Mag idea: Knex.x
* Trigger block: The Racker

Tell me what you think



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    Thanks :D I made the stock a bit bigger, which looks a bit better, but it indeed isn't the best. How's your project coming along?

    Well,im still stuck on the mag release and trigger(a smaller version of the trigger on your gun might work) If I get everything set up just right I might be able to incorporate a trigger guard. The mag is going to be interesting to set up. Also Im designing a case for it =D


    Preview,it just needs a rear sight,trigger,mag release,trigger guard and some other small cosmetic things.


    I need some ideas for the trigger on my mp5k,its a really tight space to work with. Sadly I couldnt the the mag from the version before this to work.


    I'll try to find something when I'm home from school today. If I build it partially, I might be able to find something

    Thanks =D I already broke it up, but if you want, I can remake it sometime soon. Though I added internals, which shouldn't make it too hard.
    If you have problems building it from the given pictures, just tell me

    Thanks. I don't know if I'll post full instructions, as I already broke it up. But I can probably easily make this again, and post it