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Introduction: Knex Ball Machine: Dragonfire

About: Hey! I'm Sandroknexmaster. I like building with knex, especially ball machines. I live in Belgium. I speak Dutch, but also English and French. I hope you like my stuff, and like always comment, rate &...

Hi everyone,

Here it is, my second knex ball machine, Dragonfire.
It has 3 networks, 8 lifts and 11 paths.
One of those lifts is new (third lift of network 2).
Built time: 16 feb 2012 - 15 apr 2012
Dimensions: wide: 1.35 m, depth: 1.30 m, heigth: 2.45 m

Here are the instructions of the new elements!
Here are the instructions of the new lift!

Enjoy it!




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    64 Discussions

    Atom 6

    4 years ago

    Cool; how long did it take you to make it?

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    That is amaZing thanks for commenting on mine as well

    1 reply

    In the description you can find links for instructions: new elements and new lift.
    Making instructions for the whole machine is not very easy, and it's already down for a long time.

    Cool ball machine! I like the setup of the ring lift and floor at the bottom. Great elements as well.

    1 reply

    Amazing ball machine! I loved all the new elements and was fascinated with the z-shaped thingy that you added! Someday hopefully I'll make another ball machine that's larger than Rock of Prometheus!

    2 replies

    That z-shaped thing is not designed by me, Toeti made it: (step 5)
    BTW I also hope you'll make another bigger ball machine, you have more then enough pieces! :D