K'nex Ball Machine Illusion




About: I'm a 17 years old K'nex ball machine builder. I'm from Holland.

I'm proud to present you: K'nex ball machine Illusion! 

It has 11 path and 1 chainlift.
The whole machine is running on one 12v motor.

Thanks to all the K'nex ball machine builders!

Special thanks to I_am_Canadian for "The Elliptica".

This ball machine is for the "Rods and Connectors contest:", pleas vote! :)

-Dick Heijboer-



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    Well I would if I had K'nex motors... And K'nex balls... And K'nex chains... And more K'nex pieces... And K'nex rails... And room... Ugh... :(

    This is awesome! I didn't even see the vid but I allready know from the pictures that I'll like it! It's the completeness I like most, it really looks "finished". It's a good combination of rectangular parts (the structure, support tower for the chain lift, the pinfield element,...) and curved parts (the rollercoaster track, the yellow (here light-grey) connector path in the front, the spiral, the looping,...). The white floor looks very impressive too: Very sturdy and the white connector panels at the side make it look very good and filled up. Good job on this ball machine! I can't wait to see the vid!
    Voted! :D

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    Ahh, yeah! I can commend here right now! Thanks I love the pinfielt element to! And thanks for voting but it doesn't help anymore.... :(