Knex Ballmachine Armageddon




Introduction: Knex Ballmachine Armageddon

About: Hi! I'm sathothy and I live in the Netherlands. I like to make coasters and ballmachines with knex!

This my new ballmachine: Armageddon. I had lots of fun building it. I took me 2 months to build and one month to make the video( making the video was boring).
I want to thank almost al the ballmachine builders for giving me insperation from their ballmachines.

It features:
4 lifts divided in 2 networks( A network whit 1 lift and one whit 3 lifts)
8 paths (4 at each network)

Infinity switch: Sorunome
I got inspiration for the first lift from cassidude's quarter arm lift

Also i'm gonna make guide to the new elements



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    It's amazing! Could you please upload your instruction please!

    Thanks! I don't listen to alot of music myself. So I could never think of any music to use. I'll try searching some more next time.

    ah ik ben nu bezig met een ballmachine maar veel elements die op internet staan werkend niet met die nieuwe balletje dus moet sommige dinge verandere dan :P

    Ohh oke! Die ja die was best wel moeilijk om te maken vooral de krukas was moeilijk.

    ik heb ook geprobeerd om een armlift te maken maar het lukte niet maaar die van jou is nice