K'nex Single Shot Rifle (15+ Mag Limit)



This is one of my personal creations, magazine is less than 20 rounds, holds about 17 I think but I'd stop at 15 works by pulling the pin back until it is stopped by the black socket piece. Then the trigger is pulled, the socket piece is raised, and the pin shoots back and hits the current orange connector (ammo) at the top of the magazine. Pull the pin back and repeat and the pressured floor plate automatically pushes the bullets up readying it for next shot. Once the gun is down to about 2 rounds left, the pin may miss the bullets, thats about the only downside to this. Reload by readying the pin and squeeze the bullets back into the magazine, under the two white rods at the top of the magazine.

Here is what you should need in all:

Total pieces:

2 long rods- grey
1 black socket piece
9 blue rods
4 yellow rods
33 white rods
2 brown locks
8 black Y-clips
20 orange connectors
31 yellow connectors
2 grey connectors - 1 side
2 grey connectors - 2 sided
20 white connectors
9 red connectors
4 green connectors
3 blue spacers
70+ green rods- small



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    oh my freaking goodness. does it really matter people? Just enjoy the damn instructions, its a toy, not a real firearm. gee!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    you do realize that single shot means no magazine, right? this isn't bolt action, it's not a single shot, and it's not original. it's a very Mr. T-ish repeater. this is a simple pin repeater with a magazine. single shot means no magazine, and bolt action means there's a bolt to cock the pin and chamber a round. repeater means simple pin gun with a magazine. just so you won't make any more mistakes in the future, semi auto is where you don't have to cock something before each shot, but rather store some energy before hand and then release it repeatedly with every trigger pull. 1 trigger pull equals one shot. full auto is a gun that shoots as many bullets as it has in it's magazine, or whatever other means of storage, until you release the trigger. if the trigger is held down, it will continue shooting in a high pace, and once you release the trigger it will stop. shotgun means multiple bullets in one shot. for example, three yellow rods in one shot. i hope this helped.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very original. Oh and not bolt action! Might wanna change that u will be told many times trust me. Nice try though

    3 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for feedback. I made several more guns but they're all really the same. I'm limited on pieces. And I naturally assumed bolt action and single shot were the same thing. Thanks.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah no problem. But i know how u feel having low piece count. But over u time u will get more. This was just like my first one.