Knex Bomb: Ground Sweeper





Introduction: Knex Bomb: Ground Sweeper

My new knex BOMB. not a grenade. Its shrapnel flies everywere! POWERFUL.... :) use the yellow x's cuz thats the only thing that dont fall out. The reds (4 me) flew in all directions.

Step 1: Make the Frame

make the frame.

Step 2: Make the Top

close up the top of the bomb.

Step 3: Done!

trow it till you cant trow it no more!! (imposable) (u most trow and never stop!) (MUHAHAHAHAHA! much fun! *twitch*)



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    you are right it's not good it fall's apart when im building it

    here is a picture of my rocket in comparison to a pringles can (even though i dont like pringles) i have tried to perfect a launcher but when i did that it exploded everywhere so it is basically limited to dropping it from a high window.

    pictures 098.JPG
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    cool! what is the explode radius? btw if you look at my bomb and look at the way i put elastic on it you could do the same with this bomb for bigger explosions!

    how big was your nuke because i am building a rocket type object that is over a foot and a half long