K'nex Bow



hi this is my first ever instructable so after this tell me what you think.

I am not liable for what anybody does with this bow.

feel free to mod tho. send me a pic if you do.

Here are the pieces that are needed.


Grey-4 to infinity depending on how many arrows you want

other-1-3 rubber bands.
(strength and distance depends on the rubber bands)

This is what you will build.

Step 1: The Bottom

How to build the bottom.

this is the bottom

Step 2: The Rest of the Bottom

this is the rest of the bottom.

Step 3: The Top and Middle

now for the rest of it the bow.

this is the top. now to start building it.

pic 2-make these. some are for the middle some are for later.

Step 4: The Bow String

it's easy. all ya do is tie some rubber bands to 2 orange connectors. then tie a broken rubber band to the two other rubber bands.

Step 5: Assembly

ok here is a short guide.

pic 1-just add the pieces we made earlier.
pic 2-again, add the pieces but look at the picture. once you have them in, add a yellow rod to keep them in place and for more support.
pic 3-add the bottom to the bottom (2).


Step 6: A Few Tips and Guns I Like.

1:ok, now this is just some quick tips that are cool about this bow. main one--- you can store arrows in the bow!!! the more arrows you can put into it, more support also. this is where you can put a few.

2:another tip is that you can easily change how tight the bowstring is. you just detach it and place it in different parts of the bow. =)

other guns and things made of knex I like.The number of the gun is the pictures of them too.

8: knex tr-18.

11: veddy good pistol, not in range or power but it has a clip in the top. holds up to 12 bolts.

9-10:FMG-9... too bad it isn't a machine gun.

6-7: my crossbow. I plan on making instructions later.

12: really strong gun. with 12 rubber bands you can shoot through an aerosol can.

all of these with the exeption of the Crossbow is on youtube.

please rate and comment.



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yea feel free to mod... i was going for power more than looks and if you do mod try to fix structural problems. weakest point is in the middle. one advantage is that it holds it's own ammo., so no "running back and forth" for ammo. my crossbow shoots a little high but its really powerful. shot my friend from ,like, 20ft. away and it hit him in the head. said he had too sit down for a sec after it hit him cause it hurt pretty bad. lol. he laughed it off.

    For the love of... I'm not being mean. I am being truthful, and am part of a select group of people attempting to stop useless utter nonsense being posted, such as this and your hapless grenade!

    Whats even funnier is that u have posted on both of my instrctables. Y bother looking at my instructables if all you do is comment negatively?

    There is no point in me replying to comments any more. They are almost all negative,by people misinterpreting my words and manner of effective speech.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I know it doesn't look like much but still it shoots a good 20-30ft.

    PLUS it's my first instructable so,yea.

    2 replies