K'nex Bullpup Bolt Action Gun Instructions

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Here are the instructions to my most recent gun. The slide show contains more information about it.

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Step 1: Important Note

Make sure your bullet ramp is like this:

Step 2: Handle

Very simple

Step 3: Front Barrel

Getting a bit more difficult, still easy
The broken white rod is NOT NEEDED!

Step 4: Front Barrel

Getting a bit more difficult, still easy

Step 5: Trigger Part

Still easy....
Again, don't break your rod!

Step 6: Back Part 1

Most difficult part

Step 7: Back Part 2

Last big part to make
The orange connector needs to have one tab of
Also, you should replace my bolt handle with Zak's one (ZKAR bolt handle), it's way better than mine. (mine is unfinished btw)

Step 8: Connecting Everything

Should be clear

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