Knex Car With Large Trunk Space (Updated).

Introduction: Knex Car With Large Trunk Space (Updated).

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Hi , this is my knex car , which has a very big trunk. The car has a wide style bodykit and a large spoiler on the trunk.The chassais has been modded to make it a lot stronger and the overall car is a lot better than my mini cooper.It has a roof which can be removed and placed into the trunk space to convert the car into a sports version.It has 2 exhausts for appearence.The car has 2 front opening doors and an opening hood with a realistic engine in the front of the car.Personally, the best feature of the car is the trunk because it is the biggest on the site. The hood was designed like it because it is streamline and areo-dynamic, this makes it go faster in races.Also the car is very strong and has a re-enforced bumper on both ends of the car.The headlights are also used on my rally car series and I thought it would be a good idea to add them on this one. A layer of blue rods is put to stop stuff falling through into the front seats.The trunk is 13 cm long and 14 cm wide and can hold about 10 kilo's because of its independant axles. This can be usefull to transport built items around without getting out. The total length of the car is 43 cm. The overall structure is very strong because the car is made up of many rods filled up by connectors, making it hard to break. Additional bodykits have been installed to make the car look modded.The doors can also be made to open upwards ( gull wing doors ). I started of making a land rover but I had a idea to make a better car than all my others.Please comment on which one is better.Please vote and follow me. If you have a 3DS or 3DS XL I'm happy to trade friend codes with you. Find my friend code on my profile.

Step 1: + and - POINTS.

Mini cooper S


Features like seatbelt clip
Waterproof (inside car)

1 seater
Uses a lot of knex
Minor features fall of easily
Uses 12 wheels

Other car


Large trunk
2 opening doors
Opening hood
Can hold about 10 kilo's
Cool bodykits
Stuff can not fall out the trunk easily
Paneled up well



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