Knex Carbine




This is tomboyRme's knex carbine. True trigger


Step 1: Barrel

This is the front end of the barrel

Pic 1: Make 7 of these
Pic 2, 3, 4: Two red connectors with a grey connector in between
Pic 5: Connect like this
Pic 6: Two green connectors with a white rod
Pic 7: Should look like this
Pic 8: Two yellow connectors on a white rod
Pic 9: Add it here

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

This is the handle and trigger of the gun.

Just follow the pictures

Step 3: Stock

Here is the stock

Again just follow the pictures

Step 4: Collapsing

This is how to collapse the gun.

Follow the order of the pictures



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    46 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i personally think this didnt work the gun felt quite floppy but i guess that becaus it is a collapsing gun and the firing was hard as the trigger kept brakeing but it didnt feel very powerful wen is firing as its wasnt very accurate, is there any way to put a cover over the barrel?

    but it does look and feel nice

    well the firing mech is simple, and its not special because it can fold.
    it flods, but its not easyer to take i with you...
    the instructions are good but bad pictures=(


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i seem to only have 1 problem with this carbine and that is when ever i try to fire the trigger keeps snapping apart for me and the snapping bits are the white rods. please can you repost a different trigger so that i can at least fire it without breaking my finger like a n00b. all in all the rest of the gun is great but it only has that one problem.


    i promise that in a little while ill post a gnasher shotgun instructable whatever it takes! i mean seriously the pics take 4ever to upload! itl b a lot of work because i want the cocking/loading mechanisim both to be on the handle 4 authenticity i mean this thing will be totaly unmodable!


    how does the trigger work because ive made several guns like this and they all didnt fire or jammed alot


    There never was a pump. This is the carbine. The one you are thinking of is his Halo "assault rifle. He removed his videos. Nothing I can do. Shown as he made it.

    Mango Man

    11 years ago on Introduction

    This gun rocks! I got mine to shoot up to 50 feet with 2 rubber bands! definitely a favorite!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wtf how does this even fire. You pull the bullet back, attach it to the blue rod, and it just stays there...