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Introduction: Knex Collapsible Stock

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Just a simple collapsible stock I decided to make 2 weeks ago. Much better than my earlier design, which was jerky and had a few yellow rods sticking out.  Lets get to some pros and cons


- Sturdy for a collapsible stock.  It has a little flex, but no big gaps or anything that could break it easy.

- 4 positions.  You don't really need more.

- Really nice locking mech and release lever.

- Slot indicators on top.

- Smooooth.


- Minimum of 3 cut rods

- Can't really use with a gun which has a pin guide

- If you build the end of the top part like I did, then it doesn't lock all the way into the fully closed position.  If you build a different body connection you can fix that.  It is fine the way it is though, because the lower half pushes against the white rod and yellow connector, so it won't break.

Tell me if you like it, and feel free to put it on your gun if you want to.
If you don't like the buttstock on this one, just make your own, as long as the sliding rails fit in the way they do now. 



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    looks ok but the general locking system doesnt look so good you may want to keep it more simple check mine it has a trigger like stop

    1 reply

    Mine has a trigger too. It is very simple. The green connector with the green rod is the trigger, and it levers the pin out of the hole. And I have seen yours, It is pretty nice too.

    That's pretty cool, aside from the second con, but that happens with most folding stocks anyways.

    1 reply

    Thanks. Yeah, I know. I see them as kind of impractical, but I wanted to make one, and this one works well, so I might as well post it.

    Thanks. Anything you'd change, because I am going to take it apart soon to build some more guns.