Knex Cyber Tank.




Introduction: Knex Cyber Tank.

About: My 3ds friend code is 0860-3914-2160 My 3ds xl friend code is 2294-3900-2732. If anyone has xbox live and playes gta 4, can we play together?

Hi this is my knex cyber tank. Its features include a moving turret and it has the abilitu to climb terrain that even a RC monster truck would struggle to cope with.It took ages to build  and quite a lot of knex pieces to make.  IF ANYONE HAS A 3DS OR 3DS XL , I'M HAPPY TO SWAP FRIEND CODES. PLEASE FOLLOW ME .



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    That's awesome!
    (oh, and you maybe want to use the reply button, that way people get a mail when you reply to them :) )

    u should post instructions for its good

    how many motors do u use

    its awesome!!!!!!


    2 years ago

    can you go step by step plaese?

    That would be very helpfull.

    Sorry I took so long but I had trouble uploading all of the photos,but here they all are .