Knex Double Barrel, Break Action Shotgun


Introduction: Knex Double Barrel, Break Action Shotgun

Hey guys, this is my first instructable/slideshow and I thought I'd show you guys my recently completed shotgun. The mechanism is similar to that of the Striker Pistol and other ram-less guns. It features two barrels controlled simultaneously by one trigger and decorative break action ( I say decorative because the break action serves no purpose whatsoever other than realism). I may post if I get enough requests. I think, however, that some people can build this off of the pics I give (and I can give more if needed). Also remember that the single trigger can be changed easily to split into two triggers and the break action can be easily removed. Enjoy!!!

P.S: Pic #6 is the damage done to a can at reasonably close range.



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    8 Discussions

    technically it's not an instructable because there's no instructions

    y is it break action if its a slingshot? the bullets lay on top....?

    No ram? How does it fire then?

    Looks cool, post! (but first tell me how it fires withour a ram!)

    1 reply

    The setup you have renders break action pointless.  I'm gonna make a double barrel shell for a double barreled break action shotgun now.