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Introduction: Knex Dr1

About: I like building knex guns even though I don't have many pieces. Most of my ideas have failed but I love seeing all the new innovations people make with knex.

Taking a break fro gun models, this here is the knex day rifle (1). It was built within one day (about 4 hours for me). The best part of this gun is that it was built only to be reliable. It doesn't jam or misfire at all. There is no removable mag but this allows it to work well. 

some stats:
. jam-free mag
. good power and accuracy (2 # 64s)
. easy to pull trigger ( very light)
. chin rest
. Very comfy handle (for my large hands)
. super sturdy
. decent looks
. rails for sights
. Simple to build.

The barrel can be extended but This size combined the best power and accuracy.

some cons:
LOTS of green rods
Lots of yellows

I may post instructions for this one. My other guns are long gone but PM me for a picture explanation.
This is now my best gun so far.

BONUS: the last 2 pics are a strong and simple Grenade launcher for oodammo. 
PS: my internet is slow so no image notes for now.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    hey if you hit reply they will get your comment by the way this takes hardly and yellow/greens compared to mine:


    8 years ago on Introduction

    The 74u feel may come from the curved transition between the stock and gun. Also the smg feel was because i didnt have enough pieces to build a huge gun. ITs good cuz you get both an AR and SMG in one i guess.


    I like this gun because it looks like an AK-74 somewhat and it has the SMG feel to it. 5*