K'nex Floating Trigger Pistol

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This is my new true trigger pistol design. It uses what I believe is a completely new trigger: a floating trigger. It's not attached to anything in the gun besides the rubber band that pulls it into place. The rubber band pulls the end of the trigger into a gap in the barrel when the firing pin is pulled back. When you pull the trigger it slides just enough out of the way to let the firing pin go past and fire the projectile.

Sorry about the re-post, the first one didn't work...

Length: 29cm (12")
Height: 17cm (7")
Width: 5cm (2")

Ambidextrous firing
Easy loading and firing
Shoots ~30 feet depending on rubber bands, angle of gun, etc.
Pretty durable

Breaks often (although tweaking the rubber bands and other parts will alleviate this)
Slightly slower loading than my smaller pistol
Something soft is needed on the handle to keep it from leaving welts in your hand when you cock it



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    DJ Radio

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I dont like floating triggers a lot, they fall out easily if poorly designed, and they arent reliable.

    1 reply

    The rubber band keeps the trigger in pretty well in this design, but it's definitely unreliable. I still need to work a little on my trigger designs...