Knex Fokker Dr 1 (knex Plane)

This i my Fokker dr1
It's a easy build. Doesn't need much knex.

I also made a Spitfire. Just look it up. Ow and it's rather big.

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Step 1: Langing Gear

just make it

Step 2: Just Make a Nice Pice of the Front

just make it

Step 3: Put Some Together and the Chair


Step 4: The Back

just make it lool.....

Step 5: Put Sometings Together

you just have to click the back to the front and insured the chait

Step 6: The Left Wings

just make them we will fit them later

Step 7: Right Wings

just make it

Step 8: Just One Little Pice to Go and Put Together

hu the last pice



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    i made a ferris wheel with my freind and we ended up doing it now im building and airplasne


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Didn't Manifred Von Richtofen (I think that is how you spell it.) AKA The Red Baron fly one of these in WW1

    13 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    If you mean the Spitfire. Well i am quite suprized to how it worked out. And beleave me it's even cooler for real.

    i think the main trick is to stop the detailed wings drooping this instructable didnt do tooo good by my perspective in that area but the new spitfire outdid this by at least 1000000mill miles keep up the good work making my own mescherscmit let the race begin!!

    If i have to say it my self i don't like my fokker to much looks to much like one from a instruction book, because i used a instruction book as a basis to go from. What is pretty normal to but still flat wings :D I really like my new wing design from the Spitfire u shoot use it to :D

    at the momment my wings are perfection with tips and guns its just getting the canopy shape,and the crispness of the entire model to go well you spitfire has a beautiful front fusalage and the tail is nice but the landing gear could be a bit more quality your probs listening to me thinking that i can talk the talk but you see no descent models but im posting a wing section soon for newbies with flaps ailerons and trimming tabs my strong point is aircraft hehe i was an aircadet for 1 half years