K'nex for Beginners

Introduction: K'nex for Beginners

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This is for people who don't know what k'nex is. if you know something that I haven't shown please write it in comments.You never know... there might be something in here that you didn't know... although I doubt it. If you get what i mean through the instructions, you'll get to build cool models. remember, practise makes perfect!

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Step 1: Connectoers

These are called connectors. They attach or click onto rods (next step) or slide into eachother's slots (3 steps later).

Step 2: Rods

These are called rods. They attach or click onto connectors. They can also go through the circles in the connectors. I put the names on to help you.

Step 3: Attaching Connectors and Rods

They all attach the same way in every place. Hold the connnector in one hand and the rod in the other and attach them.

Step 4: Sloted Connectors

These are the blue and purple connectors with little slots in. Slide the slots together and push until you here a "CLICK!". That mean that they are attached together and they won't fall apart.

Step 5: Putting Rods Through Holes

You can also put rods through holes. Sometimes that can be quite important. The picture is a picture of connectors with rods going through the holes.

Step 6:

You can also put rods through a connectors connecty bit like shown on the picture. Get a connector and a rod and push the rod into the connectors connecty bit until you hear a "CLICK!" which means that they've attached.

Step 7: Tan Clips

Tan clips lock gears (next picture) onto the rods. To lock the gear onto a rod just slide the tan clip into the gear's socket thingy and there you go!

Step 8: Hinges

These are hinges. They look like the dark gray connectors (step one - connectors). you have to put them together by having the blue one at the bottom and the black one at the top. MAKE SURE THAT THE SIDES ARE FACING THAE SAME WAY AS ON THE PICTURE OTHERWISE THEY WON'T ATTACH!!! Push them together until you here a click. After that they will be able to move up and down (you'll see what l mean when you do it).

Step 9: Spacers

Spacers take up rooms that are not needed.

Step 10: Y-connectrs

Y-connectors are useful when you want to click a connector onto a rod but you can't because the rod is facing the wrong direction or if you want to make the connector go higher when you click it.

Step 11: Different Rods

Rods may not all be the same... follow the image notes for more info.

Step 12: Chains

This is a chain. You connect them. On the side with NO hook on can also be clicked onto a connector.

Step 13: Ball Joint Connectors

These can act like stiff hinges or chains. Click them together in the same position like in the picture.

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