Knex Full Auto Knex Support Weapon K.S.W



Hi guys this is my instructable for the v2 of my full auto knex rbg, hope you like, and enjoy.

picture 1: build do not place gears yet

picture 2: Build

picture 3: Build place gears with light brown connectors in each side of gear and blue spacers

picture 4: top view

picture 5: top view

picture 6: trigger mech 1 build

picture 7: trigger mech 1 top view

picture 8: trigger mech 1 side view

picture 9: trigger mech 1 top view

picture 10: rubber band shooting piece build

picture 11: rubber band shooting piece view

picture 12: rubber band shooting piece view

picture 13: trigger mech 2 build

picture 14: other side of trigger mech build

picture 15: random pieces build

picture 16: Barrel assembly, build if you want to better just to make your own because I dont have a lot of pieces so this one sucks

picture 17: barrel assembly top view

picture 18: Assembling trigger mechs

picture 19: assembling trigger mech view

picture 20: assembling trigger mech 2 top view

picture 21: trigger assembly

picture 22: Attaching rubber band shooting piece

picture 23: Assemble gun

picture 24: add motor to the yellow rod sticking out, also attach rubber bands to the trigger so it goes back after every shot

picture 25: trigger mech top view



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    9 Discussions

    cool but i realy dont like it when people use motors on "full auto guns" because it is a simple way around not thinking hard enough to actually create an all "standard" pieces gun(standard- uses no pieces with batteries,plates, wind up,friction wheels, etc.)

    2 replies
    The Jamalam

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think you need better images, but I think its an alright product.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think I get how it works. It has a semi-auto trigger that's pulled by the motor each time the rod makes a rotation. Good design.

    3 replies