K'nex Gatling Gun Preview WORKING

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Hello again everybody! This is my first FULL AUTO k'nex GATLING GUN! It is just a preview though. If you want instructions, you better tell me or I will not post. If ONE person says to post than I will post. I hope you like it!:)



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    When do you want them? Because me and my family went to the zoo this weekend. Plus, it can't be today because I have this huge math work-packet that I have to do on decimals. So just tell me when you want them, ok. It can be tomorrow though, because we have no homework because of a field trip.

    great! I'm thinking of disassembling some of my ball machine to make an ible on each new element/path/lift as I hate not giving you guys content in return for all the support I've been given. I'll be sure to make your gun someday but all my motors and red rods are used up atm:/ btw im so happy; I got 4 MASSIVE YELLOW COGS WOO! so now I can build so many more lifts and elements and may edit my motorised element slightly :)

    Hey. wana see a sneak preview of my favourite element I made? I won't post it until after I make ball machine

    Started work on ball machine....already out of red rods entirely....I need to buy a TON more k'nex if I want this to be good. Even if it takes me like an entire year, I am determined to work on this ball machine. The bad thing is I can only work on it at weekends :/