K'nex Gearbox

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Hi folks,

I was bored today and in the morning I thought: Let's get my dusty K'nex boxes out of the shelf. I made some stuff, nothing too important.

But in the afternoon I ended up with this: A K'nex gearbox. You can increase speed by approx. 6x(?) compared to the original K'nex motor speed. It packs a punch, the box construction is very strong. I dropped it some times and only 1 thing came off. The gearbox is easily upgradeable to reach higher speeds, but my K'nex motor can't provide more power than what it's now. The gearbox is nicely hidden in a fairly small box.

Tell me what you think!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    hey, can you help me H1T4TCH1?
    i cant put my gearbox into a box like yours, because mine changes gears, can you plz help me?