Knex Grenade Launcher System

Introduction: Knex Grenade Launcher System

i have been experimenting with knex and came up with this. enjoy

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Step 1: Parts List

okay here's what you need
Green - 20
Blue - 9
Yellow - 1

Orange - 30
Yellow - 4
Blue - 8

Elastic band - 1
Blue spacers - 8
Y-clips - 7

Step 2: Barrel

This is the first piece

1. Finished product
2. Make X4
3. Make X4
4. Add blue rods
5. Add blue rods
6. Make X2
7.Connect the 3 peices
8. Add the 4th piece
9.Showing you where to put the 4th peice
10. Finished product

Step 3: Launching System

1. Finished product
2. Make the firing pin
3. Make the Trigger
4. Make X2
5. Add Yellow connectors
6. Another view
7. Add the Trigger
8. Add the firing pin
9. Finished product

Step 4: Rubber Bands and Attaching

1. Finished Product
2. Attach the launcher to the barrel
3. To make it easier, take the firing pin out, then put it back in when you have attached the launcher to the barrel
4. Add a rubber band to the end
5. Pull it down to here
6. Make sure it goes around here
7. Finished Product

Step 5: Loading and Firing

1. Gather these pieces
2.Empty Barrel
3. Half loaded
4. Add shrapnel
5. Ready to fire!
6. Been fired
7. Goes everywhere

Well that's it. I hope you enjoy!

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Is there any way to make it smaller but more deadly?