Knex Gun, Doofkiller Mk1, Rifle With Storage in Stock

Introduction: Knex Gun, Doofkiller Mk1, Rifle With Storage in Stock

About: If you find green mackrel, don't bite. It could be me or it could be off. Knex, I build stuff. Also I collect nintendo. I need a 64.

This is my first gun on this site but i built my deagle first, i wil post after this,approx 30mins.


I have made a mini that is ultra accurate.
Decent accuracy with enough bands.
Good starter rifle.
Good with my deagle for a cod style sniper kit.
Two different types of ammo.
No Y clips unless you make ,y high performance ammo
Stock storage.


Weak, mini shot harder
Bad accuracy with 1 band, watch vid
1 shot 'mag'

I give alot of credit to the sipriani rifle.

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Step 1: Handle

Easy part

Follow notes for images

Step 2: Stock (with Storage)

Feel free to take my stock and put it on your bolt action gun. Just give me 25% credit or something.

Follow notes with the pictures.

Step 3: Main Gun

Follow notes.

Step 4: Ataching the Stock,handle and Gun

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    16 Discussions

    WTF is this? I don't even.............
    I'm just going to cool down and pretend I never saw this hideous thing.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Lolwut? Have you actually used this thing before? You put the magazine where the handle is, bud.

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    8 years ago on Introduction

    The handle is terrible. It looks like it hurts bad. The gun is skinny and flimsy. The desgin looks messy and poorly built. Better luck next time.


    Dude, this thing is horrible. Thicken the gun up, use a better mech, and the stock sucks.