Knex Gun: Gear Series #1-GGLP (Gear Grenade Launcher and Pistol)




 This gun is kicking off a new series: THE GEAR SERIES. I am planning to make (besides the GGLP) a rifle, sniper and shotgun.

This gun has an optimum range of 40ft, including the grenade. it is sturdy and quite portable, the magazine holds about 6 single gray connectors. the gun has iron sights. it also has a support railing that a laser can be housed in.
pros: semi-small and portable, easy to load, and easy to unjam
cons: kitty might get in the way of fire

Step 1: Main Frame


Step 2: Magazine


Step 3: Structure


Step 4: Finishing and Loading




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    5 Discussions

    Mr. Muggle

    9 years ago on Introduction

    just put a rod in, this "grenade" of yours decreases the range and it isn't even a real grenade