Knex Gun: Gear Series #1-GGLP (Gear Grenade Launcher and Pistol)

Introduction: Knex Gun: Gear Series #1-GGLP (Gear Grenade Launcher and Pistol)

 This gun is kicking off a new series: THE GEAR SERIES. I am planning to make (besides the GGLP) a rifle, sniper and shotgun.

This gun has an optimum range of 40ft, including the grenade. it is sturdy and quite portable, the magazine holds about 6 single gray connectors. the gun has iron sights. it also has a support railing that a laser can be housed in.
pros: semi-small and portable, easy to load, and easy to unjam
cons: kitty might get in the way of fire

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Step 1: Main Frame

Step 2: Magazine

Step 3: Structure

Step 4: Finishing and Loading

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    boxes are awesome. but yes, they are harder to take apart...i kind of agree with you.

    Mr. Muggle
    Mr. Muggle

    10 years ago on Introduction

    just put a rod in, this "grenade" of yours decreases the range and it isn't even a real grenade