Knex RBG: Plasma Pistol





Introduction: Knex RBG: Plasma Pistol

 A Knex repeater RBG, resembling the Halo Plasma Pistol.
Plasma Rifle
-Looks and fires like the Halo Plasma Pistol
-Small and light. Hide it in a hollowed out textbook :D
-Not really semi-auto since it may occasionally fire a burst of two rubber bands, even if the trigger is pulled once.
-Uses a modified piece.
Suggested use: Primary/ Secondary RBG
Similarities and differences between Plasma Pistol (according to Halopedia)
-Both may not fire projectiles when low on ammunition (this one may not fire if the rubber bands are too long, or not enough are loaded).
-Both are semi automatic 
-Both have a similar shape.
-Accuracy is similar.
-Does not home in on a target.
-Half the length and height of the real plasma pistol. 
-Only holds about 10 projectiles, not 200 (If you think of this as shooting overcharged bolts, this is a similarity)
-Both have the potential to stun (when aimed at the face for this one)

Step 1: Pieces Required

6 green
15 white
7 dark grey
5 red
17 green
11 yellow
1 white
2 orange
*If you have spacers, you will only need 3 dark grey and 13 white

Step 2: Special Peices

If you have connectors, 

Step 3: Barrel

 Assemble the following according to the pictures.

Step 4: Handle

Assemble the following according to the pictures.

Step 5: Fore-grip

 Not necessary for firing, but make it will look more like the Halo Plasma Pistol.

Step 6: Firing Mecanism

Step 7: Assembly

Attach fore-grip to barrel, and handle to firing mechanism. Then attach barrel and fore-grip to handle and firing mechanism.

Step 8: DONE!

Here is a video of how to reload and fire. Since I only have two hands, I used a chair to hold the pistol. Also, I used rubber bands that are too long, so the trigger has to be reset manualy by pushing it forward.

Step 9: Overheat Lid

Not necessary, but makes it even cooler!
Based upon SonicX 22's mod



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    47 Discussions

    I dont like things like this breaking your pieces to make something you'll keep for about 2 weeks

    1 reply

    I have nothing against your belief and totally agree with it. I have a used (preowned) set of knex, and any broken pieces I use were already broken by the previous owner. If you have broken pieces already, why not break them further to make the useful?

    well, it took a while to make but its finally done, i also made the heat vent and got that working 2. now i have a plasma pistol, a plasma rifle and my own custom energy sword whish is far sturdier and better looking than any others on the internet (no im not boasting, im just saying)

    1 reply


    my poor red piece

    that took me ages to make cus instructions arent very good but AWSOME gun

    Yes, unless you can think of something else, like biting them into the right shape... :P

    I think i would love this gun but, the instructions are so confusing, need more angels.Thanx=P

    1 reply

    You should see my plasma rifle (CLICK HERE). If those instructions are easier, i could change the plasma pistol instructions to be similar to the plasma rifle.

    Also, i have to ask: what does the modified piece do? I've got a small gray conenctor on there and it seems semi-auto, like you said.

    3 replies

    I made a slightly bigger version, if you'd like to see it. Here it is, next to my laser tag plasma pistol :p


    Cool mod. Please post because I don't think I have enough green rods to build it myself :)