Knex Gun Cart

Ever wanted to bring out a gun into public? Now you can drag this cart and just slide a switch and fire at you enemy, and also you can use stick to drag it along. It uses advantage of the block trigger. Don't comment on random things!! Enjoy!

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Step 1: The Handle

Build this. You can use any wheel of your choice. But remember to secure it on.
1.Gather these parts.
2.Repeat this pattern with all of the gray rods and the yellow connectors
3.Add this on one end.
4.Add the wheel on the other.

Step 2: The Cart

1.Gather these parts. It will be used in the ram rod and the barrel too.
2.Make four of these.
3.Build this.
4.Add the wheels.

Step 3: Ram Rod

Build this.

Step 4: Barrel

Build this.

Step 5: Final Assembly

1.Put the ram rod in the barrel like so.
2.Put this assembly on to the cart.
3.Then put the handle on the gray connector. I suggest you do that after you put on the rubber band.

Step 6: Rubber Band

Put one end of the rubber band on the ram rod, and put two green rods in front of the barrel, then slip the rubber band between them,like the picture. Broccoli bands work best.

Step 7: Loading, Firing, and Moving

To load, you just pull back the ram rod and slide the handle into place. Like a block trigger. Then load a blue rod into the front.
To move you just pull straight.
To fire, you bring the handle vertical, and slide the handle to the right.
You have finished your gun cart!



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    30 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Okay. Allow me to infuriate you further. I am not making fun of your guns, you just happen to be the hypocritical person who broke the camel's back, and you actually reply to my comments, as you are in the same timezone as I. My guns are the best., said the child who posts simple guns who he has officially stated he thinks there are too many of. Yes I can enjoy things in the world, like friends and family.

    5 replies
    Liberty PrimeWhaleman

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    No, I am actually in the pacific time zone. People have their specialties. Like you specialize in knex guns, and I specialize in robotics. So same scenario. You would be a little child in robotics, posting robots that don't work half the time and fail due to the lack of programing language. So let's just stop with all the mean and rude comments, and say this never happened.AT ALL. And yes, you have excellent guns, and I am still a beginner, so cut me some slack would you?

    MepainLiberty Prime

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    How do you know that he isn't an expert at robotics? Oh, by the way, you are in the same timezone as he...

    But if you are not an expert, your guns tend to be of lesser quality then the desired level, set by the many people who grossly loathe block triggers. You like robotics? Maybe you can think up the first true automatic gun and go down as an incredible K'nex gunner and a legend, rather than an annoying person who posted block triggers after we repeatedly told him not to.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    First letter of the Greek alphabet, Latin for "king" (although you are probably referring to Tyrannosaurus Rex, yeah?), Twenty-fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, and the Roman letter G. Makes perfect sense.

    3 replies

    11 years ago on Introduction

    The advantage of a block trigger: you will probably catch some flak for that, but i see your point. The pictures could be clearer, but otherwise a good instructable, and a new concept too!

    1 reply