K'nex Halo Needler





Introduction: K'nex Halo Needler

I decided that the next project after the scorpion tank was to make the needler from halo. I have seen a few tries at this gun using K'nex but they were very simple and nothing special so I wanted there to be a complex and special K'nex needler out. Here it is.

Note: this is based off the Halo 1, 2, 3 needler designs and not the new recent halo reach version. personally I feel they made all the older covenant weapons flat in a way.

I personally think this thing looks ferocious.

I hope you like this needler as much as I did.

When I finally can bring my self to take this apart I will put up a guide.

Guide is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Halo-Needler-guide/



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    20 Discussions

    this looks cool. It's awesome! Mine is pretty great, but I'd say this tops it.

    Built this years ago before I had Instructables. it's amazing!!

    Best needler I've ever seen, very accurate I must say. Well done.

    Do the needles explode? all sorts of possibilitys there, brothers, cousins, the odd demolition job... XD

    I agree with DJ. Shorten and make the front bit come to a curved point and this will be near perfect. Good work!

    This is the best needler on the site but the front part is a bit too wide. It's supposed to narrow down instead of open up like a pair of jaws like on yours.

    Even though its a replica, its still the best needler on the site! =D