Knex Hula Hoop/ Circular Ring

About: I am an 18 year old from luverne MN, and I love to spend my spare time playing with knex, Legos and my xbox. I also enjoy hunting, airsoft, and swimming.

This knex hula hoop is very simple, and requires only two types of pieces. Gray rods (or smaller red ones) and snowflake connectors. As you can see, the hula hoop is made of sections, and each section requires 1 snowflake connector and 4 Gray (or red) rods. When building it, I recommend that it has at least 14 sections. Otherwise the pieces can snap. But there is no limit to how big it can be.

Step 1: Sections, and Final Construction

Start with making each section, then connect then to each other. Continue this process until you reach the desired length. Then hold both ends near each other, and connect. Your hula hoop is now finished!



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    Reply 3 years ago

    Not unless you try to, and I've figured out that the bigger it is the easier it is to break. I'm a terrible hula hooper so I had one of my younger siblings try it out, and it wasn't until I told her to go as fast as possible, that one of the joints snapped. But it does bend into an oral shape when hula hooping.


    4 years ago


    glocleDIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 4 years ago

    I know right? I've got a few other instructables in the making and will post when I have time