K'nex IPod Case

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Hello there,

This is a gun shaped iPod Touch 4th generation case I made a while back.
It is a basic rubber band gun, with two ratchets, a tumbhole styled grip, and a few other features listed below:

- Fake charging handle (credit for it goes to The Dunkis)
- True trigger
- Comfortable stock, with opening cheek rest (to insert the iPod)
- Trigger guard
- Overall, pretty comfortable

My first idea was actually making a "djentstick". But I didn't have a spare pickup, guitar string etc. lying around.
Then I got the idea of making a gun that could hold an iPod, in this case a Touch 4th generation.
I still had the djentstick idea in my head, so originally, it was a rectangle ("stick") that could shoot rubberbands.
This resulted in something rather ugly. After a few days of tweaking, it turned into this gun / ipod case.

I hope you like it, and tell me what you think in the comments.

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Step 1:

Photo 1:
The cheek rest, when it's opened

Photo 2:
Inserting an iPod. Once inside, it fits perfectly. The home button is accessible, though mine doesn't work anymore.

Photo 3:
The thumbhole styled grip and trigger guard.

Photo 4:
The Stock, cheek rest down.

Photo 5:
Middle of the gun. With the grip, trigger guard, and a little extension on the bottom, to make it more comfortable.

Photo 6:
The front of the gun. Sloped part is the front grip, on the right you see the exposed barrel and front sight.

Photo 7:
The back iron sight, and charging handle.

Photo 8:
How the rubberbands hook on the front. They go around the sight, and hook on only one side of the barrel. Because the ratchets aren't centered, this actually makes the bands fly straight-ish.

Photo 9:
Looking down the sights. Front sight is an y-clip as well.

Photo 10:
First person shot.

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    Anyway, glad you like it! I need to find a way to incorporate a small speaker in it. The build in ipod speaker doesn't work that well with low tuned guitars :p
    And of course post instructions...

    I know! I'm really enjoying it! It was a refreshing break from Cod. Anywho, where am I stuck and what is my favorite class?

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    The last time I beat her was with this loadout

    That grenade was a huge help. You get it with the GOTY edition, and it works a bit like this:
    - Throw grenade
    - Grenade travels a bit forward, then arcs up
    - Literally fireworks
    Also, do you use SHiFT codes? The BL2 facebook and twitter page give them out sometimes. You can use them on the golden chest in Sanctuary, for always purple gear or higher.

    Ah, Slag Bloodwing. Only beat her once so far, as Maya. Haven't confronted her as the other two profiles I have yet. I think I beat her with repetitively phaselocking, and just loadsa bullets.
    You're on PS3, right? I don't know the controls for that, so I can't help you with deploying turrets. Just take a look at your options, and you should find it.
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    all around the stactus plant the stalker chased the bandit

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    KnEx FrEaK 1

    4 years ago

    Nice man this is original. I have had a recent idea and was wondering if you wanted to do a collaboration on a tri-shot pumpaction shotgun with me? (Btw why is your gender on your profile a girl?)

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    I could always give that idea a try, though I have two things I want to do first. (Instructions for this thing, and for the ACR in my unposted gun ible)

    That last thing you mentioned, is 'cause I want to feel pretty~

    Lol and i really dont care what gun we do as a collaboration i just find it harder and harder to stay with a gun as im building when im doing it alone. ive built about 25 guns and havent stuck with them to post them during the time ive been gone

    I could always give that idea a try, though I have two things I want to do first. (Instructions for this thing, and for the ACR in my unposted gun ible)

    That last thing you mentioned, is 'cause I want to feel pretty~

    That's good, any luck with compact assault rifle and also I will try and have ago at building this before the end of this year since I do own a Ipod 4th generation 32GB but I won't make instructions since I will let you make them since I've got my own ideas for yet more instructions.