K'nex IPod Nano Dock

THIS IS NOT MY IDEA! PLEASE DO NOT SAY I COPIED cam001001!! This is just a improvement for it because my iNano didnt fit.

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Step 1: Build Cam001001's Dock

Step 2: Modify

Pic 1: Pieces U Need
Pic 2: Take off grey piece at the top and the metallic spacers. Discard 2 of them, you only need 4 not 6
Pic 3: Build this. Take one metallic spacer, put it on, then take the 2 orange connectors and connect with the green peice, then put it together as in pic.
Pic 4:

Step 3: Done!

Final product



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    well no kidding it is called a DOCK When u plug it in to charge or sync w/ itunes u dont have to worry about scrathes ony your desk


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Just to let you know, saying that it is not your idea does not mean you aren't copying someone else's idea. If I copied and pasted a whole page about the war in Iraq and put "This is not my idea", then turned it in as an essay on Iraq, I still copied it. And I don't know anything about iPods because I have a Zen, I cannot rate this instructable.