Knex Machine Hand Gun




Introduction: Knex Machine Hand Gun

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My first instructable. I'm proud of this creation and hope you guys will like it too!
Many more instructables to come!

Part List:

64 Grey connectors
8 Purple/ grey connectors
28 Yellow connectors
8 Snow flakes
15 Red connectors
2 Brown connectors
5 Green connectors
9 Black ball connectors

16 Yellow rods
15 Blue rods
41 White rods
32 Green rods
1 Long flexible rod (optional)
2 Grey rods

6 Grey spacers
3 Blue spacers
1 motor
1 Medium wheel
1 Small wheel

Step 1: The Barrels

Here you will make the barrels for the machine gun.

Step 2: The Skeleton

This is where you hold it and where the drivetrain thing goes, (what else do I call it?)

Step 3: The Drivetrain Thingy

the motor attaches to this and makes the barrels spin!

Step 4: Put It Together!

Put it all together and you are almost done!

Step 5: Loading

To load it is just like a block trigger, only don't push the blocker too far. Look at the first picture, there is a little bit of the yellow rod showing, you have to have it like that or it won't work. Now load it with white or green rods and go shoot something!



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    That's ok, I made the gun. Somehow the block triggers on the barrels aren't hitting that rod so they don't fire. No worries I'll make something else. I have today off, tommorrow 50% chance i'll have off, and friday through monday off. If I get tommorow off, i'll have a six day weekend. (Note:IT"S SNOWWING SO MUCH HERE!!!!)

    It's an old gun, don't expect much from it
    You llive in Canada?


    I remember 2 years ago, the snow was as high as me! I live in Newfoundland, Canada. Good gun!

    that ball connector can be anything, i use a blue clip personally.