Knex Mag-fed Grenade Launcher




Introduction: Knex Mag-fed Grenade Launcher

Hello, I am Dashadower, thank you for taking time to read this. I have started doing programming ...

Hello everyone! I really didn't contribute to the 'ibles community,so I thought I would make my first gun. So I present you the knex mag-fed, bolt action grenade launcher. Stock and parts of handgrip is from Dr. Richtofen.
- 5 round gravity-fed magazine
- good range depending on rubber bands. I got up to 60 feet.
- fast rof for grenade launcher
- ammo actually explodes on landing,making it an actual grenade
- stock part is flimsy
- not the best trigger

So should I make instructions for this? Please leave comments below. Thank you



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    it would look real if it was all black

    Same concept as my grenade launcher ;D

    Looks cool plz make instructions